Food Testing Laboratory Database (FTLD)
PUBLISHED ON Jun 1, 2001
LAST UPDATED Aug 1, 2002
Metadata Updated: November 15, 2017

A survey conducted by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) under contract with FDA. The access database contains 593 records of private laboratories that test food. It includes the variables needed to support the kinds of analyses FDA expects to undertake-such as location and contact information, economic variables, test capabilities, and Quality Assurance Programs. The FTLD allows users to sort laboratories by location such as state or country, query laboratories owned by one parent company, sort laboratories by capabilities, and sort laboratories that use quality assurance guidelines such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, and determine laboratories associated with a certain geographic area or FDA district.

This zip file contains the database in Microsoft Access format [492 KB].

The report describes the selection process used to distinguish food laboratories from other laboratories, the structure of the FTLD, including the variables, tables, and forms that make up the database. It also describes testing capabilities and summarizes a preliminary analysis of the QAP status of private food testing laboratories and presents recommendations for further research.


With special thanks to the Economics Team in FDA-CFSAN, Office of Scientific Analysis and Support, Division of Market Studies.

Date added to FoodRisk.org: August 2002
Pub. date from document: June 2001 (Database updated in April 2004)