Dietary Supplement Sales Database (DSPD)
A survey conducted by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) under contract with FDA.
PUBLISHED ON Aug 1, 2002
LAST UPDATED Aug 1, 2002
Metadata Updated: November 15, 2017

A survey conducted by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) under contract with FDA.

The access database contains labeling and catalogue information of approximately 3,000 dietary supplement products sold in the United States. The database includes information such as the product's name, the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, the product's ingredients, and claims about the product. Claims may be about the health benefits or nutrient content of the product or may be nutritional support statements. Thus, the database provides information on the range of products available for sale in the United States, where these products are sold, what they contain, and what claims are being made about these products.

Database is in Microsoft Access format. [7.6 MB]

This report documents the procedures used to select the sample of dietary supplements sold in the United States through retail establishments, mail-order catalogs, and the Internet. It also describes the database-referred to as the Dietary Supplement Product Database (DSPD)-that contains the information collected on each of these products and provides a summary of the information in the database.

The supplement report contains detailed records from the data collection process. Section A provides the sources of data included in the DSPD, and Section B provides records of the actual sample selection process.


With special thanks to the Economics Team in FDA-CFSAN, Office of Scientific Analysis and Support, Division of Market Studies.

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