COMprehensive Protein Allergen Resource
PUBLISHED ON Feb 3, 2017
LAST UPDATED Jan 26, 2022
Metadata Updated: November 15, 2017

The COMprehensive Protein Allergen REsource is a new comprehensive repository of protein sequences of known or putative allergens.  It was created via the development of an automated “rule-based” sorting algorithm tool, combined with a review of the literature associated with the identified sequences.  An independent peer-review panel of allergy experts exclusively from the public sector decides on the final content of the database. These three rigorous and well documented processes have been carefully designed to meet the needs for allergy safety assessment. The combination of these three processes has resulted in the new COMPARE database released on 03 February 2017. The database includes a comprehensive repository of all known allergens, with the addition of newly identified allergens. The cycle will repeat annually for regular updates. This approach will:

1) Identify new listings of candidate allergen sequences.

2) Identify published literature linked to the identified potential allergens. 

3) Verify that the newly identified sequences have clinical evidence of allergenicity based on standardized criteria.