Foodborne Outbreak Online Database (FOOD Tool)
Foodborne Outbreak Tracking and Reporting
PUBLISHED ON Aug 26, 2016
LAST UPDATED Oct 10, 2017
Metadata Updated: January 19, 2018

The 2016 foodborne disease outbreak surveillance data are now available through the CDC Foodborne Outbreak Online Database (FOOD Tool).


The FOOD Tool is a web-based platform that allows you to search and download data on foodborne disease outbreaks reported to the CDC from 1998 through 2016.

FOOD makes it easy to search the CDC's Foodborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance System database. Users can filter information about foodborne outbreaks depending on their interests, such as where and when outbreaks occurred and what foods were involved. The tool is intended to be used for quick descriptive summaries of outbreak data.

  • The database is updated periodically as new data are available.
  • Search fields include year, state, location of preparation, and etiology (genus only).
  • Interactive features, such as maps, graphs, and tables
  • Search capability by specific foods and ingredients
  • "Quick stats" display
  • Case counts for multistate outbreaks


FOOD Tool was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to make Foodborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance System data more available to the public and stakeholders. CDC uses more detailed information for its analyses of the causes and risk factors of foodborne disease outbreaks.


The on-line platform does not provide all data for a given outbreak, only select data fields. The on-line site is an excellent place for FSIS scientists to start an assessment of the outbreak data for a given project or exploratory look.