Free Risk Analysis Training and Reference Tool
EpiX Analytics
PUBLISHED ON Dec 1, 2017
LAST UPDATED Dec 1, 2017
Metadata Updated: January 22, 2018


ModelAssist, by EpiX Analytics, can help make risk analysis more consistent throughout your organization by providing best practices and defining standards.ModelAssist is the most comprehensive FREE training and reference software available! It can be used as a 'personal risk analysis expert' and has a number of distinct strengths compared to live-training and other risk analysis training products.

  • The risk analysis knowledge in ModelAssist is always available to its users. With full search capabilities, a complete index, and logical navigation, users of ModelAssist can find the answer to almost any risk analysis related question. This makes it the perfect reference tool before and after taking one of our training courses.
  • ModelAssist focuses on risk analysis techniques and teaching users how to do good risk analyses. ModelAssist is not meant to just teach how to use risk analysis software such as Crystal Ball and @Risk. In fact Crystal Ball and @Risk provide courses that only teach you how to use their software. While ModelAssist does show you how to set up various models, the purpose of doing so is to make the actual modeling technique or method easy so that the focus can remain on creating accurate, clear, decision-supporting, and defensible risk analysis models.
  • All techniques and methods in ModelAssist are illustrated with useful and practical examples (spreadsheets) that can easily be adapted to the user's problems. This, together with a wide range of included videos and quizzes, truly makes ModelAssist a practical tool for its users.
  • Also, by providing best practices and defining standards, ModelAssist can also help in making risk analyses more consistent throughout an organization. To assist in this, we also offer customized versions of ModelAssist, focused on an organization's specific needs and situation.